For any photographer who wants to build a successful business with his photography skills, a website is a must. Yet we see many photographers constantly saying no or postponing the decision to get a website for their business.

What one doesn’t realize is that a website doesn’t just help in showcasing the work. It helps in many more ways. From creating a brand, premium positioning, attracting clients, answering questions to saving time, a website does a lot for a photography business.

Here are 6 reasons why photographers need website


1.Be professional. Be a brand

A website helps you build your brand. It gives you control over how your work is represented to potential clients. From your best work to best achievements to best clients, you can showcase everything on your website to differentiate from others and position yourself as a premium photographer.


2. Visuals to impress potential clients

It’s your website. You can portray the images or videos exactly the way you want to. You don’t need to compress them, crop them or fit them in a grid. Website lets you post high quality visuals to capture the user’s attention.

And when you have a user’s undivided attention, the possibilities are endless. Enthrall them and make them fall in love with your work.
stunning photography visual

3.Clear doubts without wasting time

How often do you answer the same questions “How much does a shoot cost?” “Do you do event photography?” “How much do you charge for a video?” With a website, you can post all the details that answer these common questions on the site. Not only does it enhance the user experience, it saves time for them as well as you.


4.Get Instant credibility

Research states that more than 60% of users trust a business with a website. It’s no surprise that a photographer with website appears more professional than the ones without a website. Your portfolio, experience, reviews by your past clients on the website play a huge role in building trust in a potential client’s mind.


5.Generate business from anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of having a website is that you can get clients from any location you desire. If you are a photographer in Bangalore and want to get clients from Chennai or Hyderabad, it is possible. 24*7 and across the globe, your website can be promoted in any location that has potential for your business. Isn’t that awesome?


6.Scope to sell other services

Apart from generating leads, website opens up multiple channels to earn money. It is a great way to sell related products or services. For example, you can sell stock images or artworks created by you on your photography site. You can refer related products like camera equipment, accessories etc. on other websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc. and earn affiliate commissions. You can also host photography workshops and promote them through your website.


Now that you know the benefits that can be reaped by having a website for your photography business, don’t say no or postpone it any longer. And if you are concerned about the cost of getting a website, then be assured that getting a website costs less than Rs.499 per month. And that includes domain name, hosting, design, content and maintenance. We are not kidding. To enquire, give us a missed call on +91 722-793-3133 or visit


Take a look at the photography website created for Crafts Photography by the Webnish team.

crafts photography webnish website design

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