how to set up google analytics on website

Google analytics is a powerful analytics tool made by Google and it is totally free of cost to use. And if you haven’t connected your website with google analytics yet, then you are missing out on data that can be useful for your business. From number of visitors to where the visitors are coming from and their demographics to sources, there’s so much you can know about your website through Google analytics. So follow our simple step by step guide and set up google analytics for your website and unleash the power of data.


Step 1: Log into Google analytics

Go to the url :

The below page will pop up. Use your gmail account address to log into Google analytics

create google analytics account



Step 2: Enter the details of your website

Once you sign up, you will see the below page where you need to enter the following details – your account name, website name, website URL, which Industry category does your business belong to and also the time zone of your region.

After filling the form, click on the “Get tracking id” tab to submit the details

how to set up google analytics on website



Step 3: Copy the Google analytics tracking id

After you complete the step 2, you will get a tracking id. Just copy it and keep it saved.

You can always access the Google analytics tracking id for your website through the Admin panel. Once you are in the admin panel, click on the tracking info section and you will see the tracking id.

how to get tracking id in google analytics



Step 4: Log into your webnish panel

Go to the url :

And login into the webnish panel using your  webnish account username and password

webnish cms panel login



Step 5: Paste the Google analytics tracking code

After you login, once you are in the “Details” section, scroll down to the “SEO Title” part of the page

setting up google analytics in website


Once you reach the “SEO title” section, in the Google Analytics column, paste the tracking id for you google analytics account.

setting up google analytics in website


That’s it. Congratulations, you have set up google analytics for your website. Now make the most of your website analytics data and keep optimizing your website to drive better and better results.

If you have any queries regarding setting up google analytics on your website, drop a mail at and we will be happy to assist!

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